Saturday morning at the Saturday Café

People walking in prayers round the Boudhanath stupa in Kathmandu.

The big white stupa just around the corner smiles in the bright sun while somewhere in the background the monks sing their seemingly eternal mantras. The strangeness of the location and the assembly of dislocated people make it easy for me to blend in. It feels like fading away in a life I have always wanted but were unaware it existed. The nightly cold and early morning wake up call by the horns and drums of the monks in the monastery next door somehow makes my senses alert in way not experienced before. Even my skin feels different.

At the small table just behind me sits a woman from a country I haven’t been able to find out and on the other table behind me is an young man, I suppose he’s American. The three young kids, one boy and two girls sitting at the long table just underneath Mark Twain’s quote obviously know each other for some time. The probably work here as a teacher or in some health care project.

My eyes travel along the bookshelves and find Women’s Wisdom just alongside Dan Brown and a book about the problems of Islam in between LeCarré and Ludlum. Oh, and some Boeddhist books on the other end of the top shelf. The lady behind me answers her phone. It’s a Nokia, as the ringtone tells me. She’s talking Italian. On the lower part of the stupa small children sit and enjoy the warmth of the sun. The monks are still singing their mantra which I somehow don’t hear consciously. I suppose that’s how it’s supposed to work, slowly settling the sounds and words in my brain. Funny enough I feels like I can understand the words although I really don’t. But no, I do. I do understand.

The joy of locking out the world, easing the mind, soothing the soul is so tremendous that I understand how it can easily be addictive. If one is receptive for it. Funny how the tourists and the dogs seem to be the only ones walking counterclockwise around the stupa. The coffee latte tastes just like home. Home not only is far away, it also feels like that. Looking out the small barred windows I see the little Tibetan women with their colorful striped skirts slowly walking in the crowded but not very noisy street. Maybe I’ll join them, looking for the young Lama Dorji who I met two days ago at the temple near the stupa. His eyes are joyful and curious. I like that and maybe we’ll have another chat. Or maybe I’ll just sit in the sun on the roof. Silent. Listening. I guess no one will see the water behind my eyes.

Jus like any Saturday at the Saturday Café in Boudhanath, the other strange birds behind me are scribbling along or clicking away on their little laptops. Throwing thoughts into another world. Just like me.

Alice © 2010


4 thoughts on “Saturday morning at the Saturday Café

  1. Thanks Silvia!
    Much has happened. Been to refugeecamps and interviewed many people. Lots of pictures and videofootage… This country is getting to me in a positive way. I hate the feeling that I have to leave next Saturday but there’s still a week to go.
    Most of the work is done, just one or two interviews are still on the agenda. I wish I could stay here. There is so much to do and I so much want to be part of it. If only my life was simpler than it is now. I don’t see the dirt and the unhealthy conditions, I only see wonderful people leading a simple life and being grateful for simple things. This summer I hope to be able to join a nunnery / monastery for a while and for the rest of the time working for an organization to the benefit of those refugees from Bhutan that stole my heart. Good to read your life is taking another turn. You’re a traveller in life, just like me.

    @woodenstick Thank you for your best wishes. I return them with all my heart. Nepal is special, so many problems but still so positive and joyful. This is the land my heart has been searching for without knowing where to find it…

  2. Thank you. I’ve talked to a Nepalese here in Thailand. It was really revealing. I was glad to have heard so much from you. I felt a little bit informed. When talking I thought of you and the prodject. Lots of good luck and health in your life. (so wonderfull the greeting ) and wishes when the Thai ” wai” with their hands folded.

  3. even your style of writing adjusted to the Boeddhist scenery , i read it with visual and spiritual imagination , the beauty of the scent , the depth and lightness of all.. thank you for sharing your experiences , your thoughts visions and dreams .
    while you entered that world , i entered another one , met an exceptional amount of people , regarded to my normally more solitary path…
    further news is that i rented a little cabin on a hill above the little city ,i prefered , in andalusia , south of spain .where i wanted
    to go to before i even came here…wonderful sights and nature .mountains , sea and at night even some lights of a little village ( far enough not to spoil the stargazing) ….amazing development in just a week of time…networking to get orientated in finding a welcome occupation , all is open again and it seems like the vibes are with me and my nature .
    looking forward to read your next writing , wishing you all the best and big hugs
    Silvia with love

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