Percolator Import Inc.

Now, one of the biggest problems in Nepal is the lack of electricity during the largest part of the day. Well actually that’s not really the problem, the effect of it is the problem. It means that there are few places where they are able to serve a good cup of coffee, preferably a latte macchiato of course. But to every problem there is a solution, enter ‘Percolator Import Inc.’.

Having spend a good part of this day typing away on my dear fried Mac without coffee supporting me I noticed that I am getting increasingly weird and aggressive. People are beginning to bug me and every few minutes I am looking if the power is coming back. But it isn’t. So, a solution to the problem was handed to me through FaceBook. Not an immediate solution but an interesting long term solution to the serious-lack-of-coffee-problem. What I didn’t see in the shops in Nepal are percolators. Not the camping gear type that wouldn’t suit a restaurant serving the coffee addicts but a durable and well proportioned model. Preferably the original Italian ones from Bialetti. Handmade from a brick of aluminum or stainless steel. Not the cheap ones made by the northern neighbours of Nepal but the real thing. Heck, I might even buy the plant and move it to Nepal. Good for the local economy and I always like to think big.

So there is is, ‘Percolator Import Inc.’ needs to get started and as of today I’m working on a businessplan (in Nepali of course). With my knowledge of Nepali and the Devanagari script I know it will probably take me about two years to write it and just adding another two for getting al the required permits it might actually see the light of day sometime in 2015. Not bad hey? The company will import and distribute different sizes and brands of percolators brought to Nepal straight from the north of Italy. Naturally a fine selection of coffee brands will be brought along with it by a yet to be selected business partner and we might even import and resell Lattimento’s for that great milky froth that the ‘Alice Special’ latte macchiato needs. Don’t forget a real good cup of coffee can only be made this way.

Please keep on checking this site if you’re planning to stay in Nepal after 2015 for an update on where the Percolator Import Inc. coffee makers are located by that time.

Ah, power’s back. And there’s coffee too… latte macchiato to be exact.

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4 thoughts on “Percolator Import Inc.

  1. lol , i always have camping gas and a little filter with me , travelling learned that electricity is not available everywhere always …fire is..camping gas at most places also… but i can make fire with wood too ! ha ! And of course i reject the opinion that the perculator is the best way to make good coffee cause i find mine splendid as well…boiled water , filter , coffee yeah 😉 and sure i love black coffee , you can have all the milk 😉

  2. LOL! Jij bent ook echt een Jane of all trades ;o) Ik kom tegen die tijd graag een Alice Special bij je doen in je nieuwe koffiewinkel in Kathmandu 😀

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