Apocalypse down.

I loved the movie years ago. It was named something like ‘Apocalypse Now’. I loved it because of the special effects.

Well although I’m generally a nice and peaceful woman I would have loved a good apocalypse today. And as predicted by yet another Christian religious fool there was one planned for today. Damn, it didn’t come. So, Harold Camping (never heard of the sucker before) seems to be in the wrong. Too bad because I wouldn’t have much problems with some sort of global disorder washing the dirt of society away. But alas dear Harold seemed not such a good predictor of earthquakes in New Zealand. And Jesus second coming has already long gone since the arrival and death of John Lennon.

So I’ll just spend the day washing clothes, doing some writing and maybe taking a walk to the old town of Kirtipur. The town being a mixture of Hindu and Buddhist believers is at least a safe haven as Harold’s doomsday only counts for Christians. I will not lay my ear on the ground to check for a New Zealand rumbling. Wouldn’t work anyway as the trucks passing by will probably be louder and the likeliness of a quake in the Kathmandu valley itself is regarded higher than another NZ-quake. For that I wouldn’t have to put my ear to the ground as most buildings here will either shake or collapse making things all to obvious.

No apocalypse seems to happen today. The apocalypse time window of opportunity has passed without even the tiniest little shake. What did happen of course is that Harold’s webserver went down because of traffic overload. Or is it that the apocalypse turned out to be just a local thing touching upon poor Harold and his followers? Maybe we’ll know more about that tomorrow when Harold probably announces his miscalculation and will revert to the 2012 apocalypse prediction based on the Maya calendar.

Oh dear, just noticed that in Los Angeles it’s only 10:50 PM on May 20. Well, guess I’ll just have to wait for a while then…

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