Amy, Amy, Dionne!

I didn’t want to write about that great voice that left us all behind in despair. Thing is, I’m not the ‘hop on the bandwagon’ kind of writer. So I waited. Also, by nature I find it hard to look at the past, I prefer to look at the future. Which is not an easy thing to do after Amy Whinehouse left us some weeks ago. Music lovers, soul fans and jazz addicts rightfully mourn over her demise.

Somehow in the Netherlands the rise of the new Amy hasn’t been seen, yet. The girl’s records are not given enough airtime, yet. Most people, except for some real music lovers, haven’t heard of her, yet. But that will change. I mean, you simply have to listen to this little Amy named Dionne. Amy’s well kept and raised little girl Dionne Bromfield. She’s only fifteen or so but she has the voice. She will never be another Amy but I am so confident that she’ll develop into a  great star with her soul songs, straight from the Motown archives rephrased in a pretty damned cool mixture of Amy Whinehouse and Duffy. She’s got it all and she seems to be focussed on a musical career.

I love her voice and I can only pray she will not tumble over and fall down in Amy’s lifestyle. But I guess she won’t, because just like her amazing music the lifestyle of Amy was what defined her just as much. Please listen to this great little girl with this amazing voice and gasp in admiration. Dionne Bromfield, a singer to keep your eyes on for the next decades. A living tribute to her godmother, example and boss.

Alice © 2011