Thank God I’m a dreamer.

Sorry for the Dutchies that I do write in English more often but I understand my audience has broadened and has became global. Welcome, my friends from Nepal, Bhutan, the US, Canada, Australia, Germany and some other countries.

Thank God, I’m a dreamer.

Sometimes people do not take me all that seriously because I seem to be a dreamer. I don’t mind. Thing is, I truly am a dreamer as I dream almost every night and there are days that I dream even during the day. Above my pillow hangs a dreamcatcher as I believe dreams have intentions, sometimes. Or often. Dreams are like distorted reflections in the mirror. They occasionally show in their mixed up way things, situations and people that and who are significant. There are nights that far away friends come to me in my dreams or even my parents show up although they’re deceased.

Dreams are in a certain way also projections of a future to me. They kind of lead the way which is comforting to realize. It means that maybe my way is predestined. And no, I do not believe in the Protestant way of thinking about predestination. I do however believe the things are as they are because there is no other logical way for them to be. Situations are there and certainly not always changeable. Ever so often a person has to except a reality for what it is: real. A fact. To be handled and thought about and to be analyzed and valued. On rare occasions dreams bring me a clear projection of my own future helping me to make decisions that will in the end help me to reach that future. Dreams are in such cases just images of my own ambitions.

But in even rarer situation dreams are threats. Telling me to be careful with a situation or person. They’re cautioning me in such instances and that is good. They’ve often be guardians for me keeping me on the right track or away from distractions and dangers. My dreamcatcher is of course in reality nothing more than a construction of wood, rope and beads. But for me it has importance. Just like my home altar has importance for me albeit that I am not religious in a sense that I can connect to a specific religion exclusively.

And in most cases dreams are nothing but a mental visualization of my personal desires. Desires for a love that I haven’t found yet to the extend that I would love to have. Desires for becoming a more whole person or for becoming an artist in its true sense. Desires for a more simple life and for truly becoming a Bohemian who has the capacity to travel, write and create in one orgastic wave of creativity. As clinical, logical and rational daily life often is, so tranquil and thoughtful can my dreams be. So I quite often let my dreams guide me in choosing the things to focus on in daily life. And after many, many years of sorrow and head wind I have reached the point that I think I understand myself and understand what my place is in this crazy world. By chasing my dreams. Please if you want to give yourself a gift let it be dream guidance.

Therefore I hope to stay the dreamer I am and I know I am not the only one.

Alice © 2011


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  1. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will be as one. – John Lennon.

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