Counting Libyan style.

Libya is in turmoil. Actually a large portion of the Arabic world is in turmoil. We all know that as media push the situation there in our throats with an alarming amount of media attention. Which, no doubt, affects public opinions, politicians, leaders and governments.

Of course the Khadaffi clan is a total disaster for the country and of course that should come to an end. But with all the media focussing on Libya, so many other hot spots and human problems elsewhere have no platform anymore. And it has been like that since it all started in Tunesia. Actually, since it started in Iraq.

I feel uncomfortable with it as over the last years it has become apparent that the reasons behind the international communities acts against countries in the Islamic world were based many times on false information and media manipulation. And although some of these horrific dictators have been ousted, which I suppose is a good thing, the price for that is high and without exception mainly paid by the people living in these countries. And now Libya is being cleansed of the Khadaffi’s with support from NATO. Which includes my government.

Looking at pictures of Kabul and Bagdad before and after western intervention I get upset. Very upset. And now Tripoli is next on the list. In essence with the downfall of these regimes comes almost inevitably the downfall of the capitol (and other parts) of these countries. Damage to cities, countries and people that can not be undone and to a gross extend. Because somehow it seems the human solution to evil leadership is gross violence. Tripoli is now hit by an orgy of violence and no matter how good it is that the insane leader is overthrown, it is the counting that says it all.

Over the last weeks the media screens have been filled with (mainly) men who shout and shoot. Often they shoot that their allah is great and shoot to kill seconds later. If one would be able to count the times allah was called, the number of bullets that has been fired and the number of casualties that have fallen, the I guess al logic behind it all will evaporate instantly.

I am much against dictators but in retrospect to what happened to other countries in the last fifty years I cannot see that the approach taken to remove the monsters is the wrong approach. Because it is a destructive approach in it’s effects. I pity Tripli, I pity Libya, I pity the people who suffer there in that violent bullet driven orgy. Because they will be counting Libyan style: in casualties and remaining ammunition… and allah? Where is he?

Alice © 2011