Remember Freddie.

Thanks God I am not the only one. Today I will only play Queen songs. In respectful memory of Freddie Mercury. There are few times that I Love Google as for me they are like Orwell’s wet dream. But what Google did today is wonderful. Great animation and a great way to let the world remember one of, if not the best musician of in British modern music.

Today, Freddie would have become 65 years old. Being born in Zanzibar. I still love his music very much and I am sure that what he made together with the others in Queen will stay here for decades to come. Music with timeless quality and compatible to Mozart and Beethoven as far as the compositions are concerned. Music that is at a level of advancement that is still almost impossible to reach by the musicians of today.

But besides all that, it is the importance of Freddie for both the gay community and gender benders out there that made me love him so much. So therefor today is the Queen’s day of music for me.

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