Doin’ the U-haul.

Ok, time to go. I’m U-hauling my self, with a little help from my friends, from A to B. That is to say from the Mient in The Hague to the Marconistraat in The Hague. From a first floor apartment to a second floor studio. From living a-lone (although the cool son is here for a few months) to living in a house with nice people. From a rent that’s way to high to one that I can easily afford. From a complex life to a more simple life. From a shitload of worries to a lot less.

I’m not just U-hauling my stuff, I’m U-hauling my life. Some furniture will come along, my musical instruments, my computer stuff and camera’s. It will become the first place where I will start living as an artist, writer and film maker. A kind of final switch in the great change I went through over the last decade. Most of all a place to calm down and start living a somewhat normal life again.

My new address will be: Marconistraat 79. 2562 JC Den Haag

Any mail concerning my art, WoordenStorm or anything else for me should be directed there as of today. Please clearly state my name on it as there are more people living at that address.

So, to get some idea about it, here are some Google pics from place A, place B and the route to follow:

place A: Mient

place B Marconistraat


the way to go