How a revolution turns sour.

Just like most people in the west, and possibly all over the globe, I was happy to see the regime of Mubarak in Egypt overturned by the people. The images of Tahir square and the bravery of the protestors are still in my memory. Of course the Egyptian people had a right to enter a revolution and get rid of their dictator. Because that was what Mubarak was. Just like most other Arabic leaders in the unfree world of the Middle East. The revolution seemed a success. At least, at first. But months later that whole revolution has gone down the drain. The internal politics of Egypt haven’t changed much and just like political analysts explained it was the military that gained power and control over Egypt. Seemingly, that is.

Now I have a solid opinion that countries should never under any circumstance be ruled by the military. History has proven many times that such rule without exception leads the nation to dire straits. And that is exactly what has happened to Egypt. The revolution is gone. No one really thinks about the victims anymore and now, this night, the so-called revolutionaries turned against their Israeli neighbor. In a moral low hundreds of Egyptian idiots, barbarians and hooligans attacked the Israeli embassy, ransacked the place and as a result of that the Israeli ambassador and his family fled Cairo in the dark of night for safer grounds in Israel. Only little footage of this embarrassing event has been broadcast. Al Jazeera, CNN, BCC and all the others are this time rather slow to cover the events but some more information is coming in every hour and the world will look at all this in disbelief.

Egyptian ‘revolutionaries’ ransacking the Israeli embassy in an outburst of barbarism.

Is this the true face of the Arabic Revolution? Is there another wave of anti-semitism rolling over North Africa? Is it again the name of Allah that’s been shouted in the streets but now against the Israeli’s? Egypt has turned insane. Wars have been started over less than the ransacking of an embassy. The Egyptian government and military obviously were dead slow on responding to the crowds and the so-called revolutionaries lost control of their acts. The revolutionary leaders, if any, are silent now. No press conferences from these people yet. In stead of protecting the Israeli embassy as the Egyptian government is supposed to do according to international law and the Geneva convention, that government let it all happen and only responded after the events got way out of hand.

The damage is done. The Egyptian revolution has been defaced by it’s own people. Egypt is currently ending up being a nation of anti-semetic Arabs running in the streets violently and raging against Israel. That is a disgrace for Egypt, a disgrace for anyone who has supported these lunatics that presented their revolution as a step on the road to democracy in the Arabic world. The after effects of this disgraceful event will echo in the Middle East for a long time. The Egyptian revolution and revolutionaries have lost its and their credibility and the Egyptian government should immediately speak up in regret over what has happened this night.

No longer can any well thinking human support the Egyptian revolution as it has become an ugly monster of degraded barbarism. It’s awful to see how Egypt has become an anarchy and not a democracy. I can only hope that Israel will restrain it’s response and not wage war against Egypt that has obviously become a hostile neighbor that can not be trusted. Knowing history I can not be anyting else than very somber about peace in the Middle East now this has happened. The Egyptian Revolution has turned sour and the result is disgusting.

Alice © 2011