Earthquake in Nepal and India.

UPDATE: Spoke my dearly beloved Arati today. Everyone seems to be safe. Shaken AND stirred but alright. Phew… There is damage and there have been many personal accidents in the area which is only some 80 kilometers from the epicenter. Luckily enough there seem to be no fatal casualties in the Damak region. Thanks to all the Gods! 

This sunday night a strong earthquake struck the border area of India and Nepal, not far from Taplejung. Over the past few hours I tried to get in touch with my friends in Nepal to check if they are alright. To no avail.

The Damak area where my dear friends live in and around the town and in the Beldangi camps is not fear from the epicentre. I understand that it’s less than 100 km’s away. Knowing that even in Kathmandu, hundreds kilometres westward, there have been victims of the quake makes me very worried about their wellbeing.

So if anyone has info on the conditions in the Damak area, please let me know. You can mail me on

Tomorrow I will try to call my friends again.



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