Filming the Dutch part of Headwind.

Next week a group of Bhutanese refugees will arrive in the Netherlands and I will be there to receive them and film their first contact with Dutch society. Together with some of my Bhutanese friends.

It is the kickoff of the filming of the Dutch part of the Headwind documentary. In the month november that filming will be completed by following some family members of the family that’s portrayed in the documentary. It is going to be complicated and sensitive filming and I am looking very much forward to the work. It will also mean that at the end of november all required footage for Headwind will – finally – be available for editing. And then the post production work will start.

This means that the planning of the making of my first feature length documentary has shifted for about a month, due to availability of the people involved and me moving house in October. But a month delay is nothing special and I still aim for releasing Headwind in February 2012. Due to lacking funds I will have to do most of the editing myself. This limits my possibilities for making a very advanced product but with the footage I have, the people portrayed and the story to be told I am sure that the result will be a compelling documentary. A human document about refugees leaving their decennia long life in camps in Nepal behind for a better future in the west. It will discuss resettlement as a so called solution to their problem and the consequences for their culture. The documentary will give insights in what resettlement means for the ones who have to experience that. It will show the complexity of the issue and it will most certainly raise questions about the whole process.

So, after a few months of recuperating from the very intense experiences in Nepal and moving house in the process, I can finally continue working on Headwind. And I will do so with everything I have in me because I believe in this film so much.

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  1. Go, girl!Ik geloof er ook in!
    Doe wat ik kan om het mede te realiseren!!

    gr. Eveline

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