It’s certain now. Even before years end I shall return to Nepal. To my friends, my loved ones. To that special young woman who I am so fond of and without who it is difficult to live. To that amazing young man who has helped me so much while filming in difficult circumstances earlier this year. To all those people living in the refugee camps which I have become so familiar with. To the elderly whom I have had the honor to visit their simple homes and share a meal, or tea or just a conversation.

To the colors of the clothes the woman wear wether they live in poverty or not. To the smells in the streets that one can only value properly when experienced in person. To the rivers, the streams, the mountains and the wildlife. To the crowded Kathmandu city and the so silent and tranquil rice fields. I wish there were fireflies in winter. To the temples to do Puja, to the Buddhas, the Hindu Gods and Goddesses and to my personal lama in the amazing Boudha quarter of Kathmandu, who I started to like.

But most of all, really, to that one person who has touched my heart with her smile, her joy, her wit and her love.

It’s only weeks from now and I can’t believe it to be true. I can’t comprehend the wonders and amazement I shall – again – experience. Hopefully not only in Nepal but also in the Indian state of Sikkim. That former smallest of three Himalayan kingdoms which is now part of that enormous India. To visit the temples and stupas and to feel like home again. Of course I’ll carry my cameras with me and return with hours of footage for the Headwind Documentary and possibly other work as well. And again with hundreds if not thousands of photos of which I am sure already that there will be many great pictures. This time the balance is tipping more towards holiday and less to work but even now there is work to be done.

I cannot wait to embrace Nepal, my friends there and my Bhutanese family. And you my dear. Because if you read this you know it’s you that I long to see. And this time maybe we can together see a glimpse of the future.

Alice © 2011


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