Noccupy Wall Street

Early this morning, before dawn, mayor Bloomberg instructed the NYPD to clear out Zuccotti Park. To uphold the law, as he stated. The travesty being that where Bloomberg says he’s upholding the law by having the occupiers of the park (the very center of the Occupy movement in NYC and globally) removed because the law says people should be able to entertain themselves in that park, he is breaching the ever hailed first amendment of the US constitution.

In an undemocratic move the park was cleansed in true razzia style thereby showing that this mayor and its police force are nothing less from any undemocratic oppressors anywhere. The baton was used with much force instead of guns as in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Qatar and Syria earlier this year. But the intentions are not that different. Using force against peaceful protesters is using the methods of dictatorships. In the US of all places, he so-called ‘land of the free and home of the brave’.

But US law forbids the NYC razzias and so protesters are allowed to return to Zuccotti Park in spite of the appeal the city will make against that legal outcome. Wether Bloomberg c.s. will get justice on their side or not, this court verdict clearly demonstrates that Bloomberg and the city are at the wrong end of democracy and – for the time being – at the wrong side of the law. Wether they own the police force or not.

That might very well prove to be the greatest victory of the Occupy Movement in New York. Getting a verdict that allows them to demonstrate and destabilize Wall Street and its surroundings for the good of true democracy. Question is of course wether the US and more specific NYC will prove to be a democratic entity by adhering to that court order. I, like so many others, have my doubts on that.

But what really is worrying is that there is hardly any news coverage as there was a media blackout as reported by many journalists who were either not allowed to cover the eviction or were attacked and beaten by the NYPD. Read more about that at the Huffington Post website. So far for freedom of press!

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