Dancing girls.

Janakpur, although in Nepal a provincial town that is in all aspects Indian by nature. A holy city in Hinduïsm. Holy because Sita, the wife of Rama came from Janakpur and she married Rama in her hometown. Nowadays Janakpur is the center of the region in northern India and south Nepal that once was the Mithila kingdom. An ancient kingdom with its own language (Maithili) that is still spoken in the region, its own art like painting, fresco’s, sculptures and theater.

It was a at the time not so hot day, meaning something like a comfortable 25 Celsius and we got the opportunity to meet a theater group. The made traditional theater, a mixture of almost Bollywood style dancing, singing and music of a harmonium and madal drums. The rehearsal took all afternoon and we thoroughly enjoyed watching them acting and dancing. And how these girls danced. Fast rhythm , fast feet. The moves familiar for Hindu dances and an enthusiasm that was electrifying. And although the men were no less than the girls in their dance it’s the girls what took my breath away. Because of their natural grace, the way they were dancing as if they were one and certainly because of their energetic fun.

It’s this photo that I love especially as the composition of the two first girls behind each other almost form a Shiva, my favorite Hindu God. Taken with my Olympus E420 on manual control to get the right movement effect.

Alice © 2011

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