When fireflies dance above the rice fields. (Firefly Wings)

painting by Deborah Mattson

When monsoon comes and evening falls
over rice fields lying endlessly at our feet.
When heat is in our hearts and calls
and the sounds of peace are in the street.

When thoughts are flowing like the water
of a stream far away behind the trees.
When worries and pain are left for later 
 and conversations simply silenced with tea.

When our eyes are searching each other eyes
and our hands briefly touch each others face.
When our gestures have won from our lies
and joy has filled our hearts and days.

When the thunder sounds in distant hills
like mandal drums at a demon’s feast.
When at last we can breath and live at will
and feel each others warm hearts beat.

When fireflies dance above the rice fields
and my eyes can see their rhythmic blinks.
Then I will know again how true love feels
and realize my heart too, has firefly wings.

Alice © 2011