Hunger strike called off after demands were met.

The hunger strike of the women in the Beldangi refugee camp has ended early Saturday morning. The government of Nepal has given written statement that they will resume registration of all yet unregistered refugees in the camps. This statement was presented to the women in the presence of local journalists, human rights workers and the organizations present in the camps.

All the women are still doubtful of the intentions of the government and will judge on the real actions following this statement but they decided to end their hunger strike and ordeal.

Obviously they are all in very bad shape so they were moved to the local AMDA hospital in Damak for treatment and recovery. They will need special care to overcome the physical impact of 11 days hunger strike.

Their action, bravery and determination deserves all respect. I am very relieved to hear this has ended.

Detailed information can be found at Bhutan News Service. This photo shows the actual signed agreement:



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