Language & taal.

It’s probably because I write so much in English these days and maybe also because for about half of the year my prime language is English in stead of Dutch, I don’t know. But for some reason I feel more comfortable to write in English than in my native language Dutch. It just kind of happens like that and although I very much love my own language that I regard as one of the most beautiful languages in the world I don’t really mind writing in English.

For some readers it’s inconvenient I suppose, to have a mix of publications in English and Dutch. And for some other readers it might be a turn off. Others might just like it and for my international readers it will probably be a change to be welcomed as most of them are better in reading English than Dutch.

And since the last Dutch article is about a week old now and since then a whole list of English written articles have found their way here, I decided to make a couple of changes. The default language of this website is shifting from Dutch to English, this concerns the user interface but not only that. The other thing is that the Dutch byline of Writers Block is also changed into a fitting English one. It basically means the same as the previous one. And of course all pages not connected to a specific Dutch language topic are being translated in the coming weeks but the ones that are covering Dutch language work will remain in Dutch. For now that is.

I hope the Dutchies wont mind too much and I promise to keep writing in Dutch quite often. I also hope all the others will welcome a more English language reading experience here.

So there it is, I’m defaulting to English.


3 thoughts on “Language & taal.

  1. Well, at least you’re making the same type of spell and grammar errors as in Dutch, so for me not that much is changing ;o) Further, as long as you keep writing at least you’re mentally alive. Which to me is the most important part of it 🙂

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