God thrown out.

Monastery in Boudanath, Nepal – photo © 2011, Alice Verheij

I wrote this poem out of frustration about how the world does not respond to the calls of people in distress. And because so many people hide behind religion. Stating that problems, illnesses and misery are the will of God. An entity that is not even a creature but a creator. An almighty power who or that rules the world, history and future. That hiding behind God or a religion is so often done out of laziness. Because people think they cannot change things. Because they are scared to step forward, to be seen, to be heard. Because they don’t want to put in the effort and take the risk. And because of that passiveness evil can take over and continue to be a terrible force in this world, in mankind and in man’s mind. I wrote it because I see God in the people I love and care for and in that stranger who helps another human being. Not helping the other, not stepping forward is therefore denying the existence of God, it is like throwing God out.

God Thrown out

Some people think God

created this place

Any God.

But how could he?

or she, for that matter

maybe he

or she

is just an excuse

to hide behind

maybe he

or she

is just a reason

not to act

to allow it all to happen

to not worry

or care

for this place

for the world

for these people.

But what they do not see

is that God is in people

so, when you pray

pray for you to see

to care

to live

to be

a human

and not

a God.

Alice © 2011

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