Some time ago a Dutch publisher got an idea. Why not make books that fit in matchboxes? Tiny little handmade books of interesting authors and beautifully illustrated. Squeezed into the tine space of the little matchbox. A perfect little gift for book lovers.

He went to Facebook and started a page.

I found the page, became a fan and did nothing.

And then all of a sudden last week Emmanuel van Leeuwe, the guy I mentioned earlier, send me a Facebook message. I was selected to receive a free Matchboox book. And I got excited. After echanging my address I waited for the mailman to deliver the little miracle and within a few days it was there.

And what a surprise it is. A book from Sylvia Witteman (the cooking books writer) beautifully illustrated by Nanne Meulendijk. Stashed in a matchbox with a great little cover. About what to eat when Obama comes along for dinner. Minestrone is a charm, a beautiful little treasure a little book to read and let read. To show to friends who without exception are puzzled first but become enthusiastic later.

So now I am totally in love with these Matchboox. This is not a commercial but I can safely say that I will Matchboox as presents for people I really like. A carefully selected beautiful for my long distance love who stole my heart and who needs a matchbox to keep it safe and close by. Another one for my daughter, I know she’ll love it.

As a writer an visual artist (film and photo) I feel the desire to make a Matchboox book. To get it published. It is the best format for a poem and so I wonder if that would one day become true. My own Matchboox with my own book. Handmade, beautifully crafted and personal. A gift to cherish.

More info? Check and join the Facebook page.

Alice © 2012