Writer’s Block went global.

Today was a fun day. Valentines day, a day with gifts. Self induced gifts. First there were the wonderful pictures of my love and my best friend in Nepal, a lovely surprise during a long and loving Yahoo chat. Then there was of course the release – finally – of the first official trailer of the film I am making. A milestone for the production team. And on top of that I can say that as of today Writer’s Block has gone global.

Image by Flag Counter based on 1 month of monitoring Writer’s Block.

After a few years of writing on this website and a recent change from Dutch to English as the first and main language on my website I got the visual acknowledgement that Writers Block is being read all over the globe, on all continents. From Europe, to America, to Asia, Australia and even Africa. Obviously the largest audience is in Europe but the US is following strong and there is a great spread happening in South Asia. Not really a surprise but certainly something that I like very much.

Thanks everyone for reading and responding. Thanks for supporting and please keep coming back!

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