Disagreeing with Hamlet.

William Shakespeares Hamlet is a guy I kindly fight a battle with. Or at least twist his words to suit my feelings better. I would of course approach my Ophelia in a different way. It’s not arms or violence or quarrel or anger that shapes my way of dealing with bad tidings, it’s making front against the cynicism of people telling me not to love. So maybe my dear friend Hamlet, you should have said something like this…

To love or not to love – that is the question:
Wether it is nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous feelings
Or to form front to a wall of cynicism
And by opposing end them.

Because, countering the views of some people around me, love is not a feeling or mood or a fling or something I take lightly. It is not just a part of my life. It is part of me, inseperable from my being and if it would die I would as woman no longer breath. To imagine a life with love not being part of it is something I can’t comprehend. I would become cynical and that is exactly what I hate so much about the society I live in which has become in it’s core a cynical society.

I will hopefully never lose the ability to love and fall in love. Even if it means my heart will be broken many times.
So whoever this applies to: please never tell to bail out of love. Because a question like that I cannot answer.

Alice © 2012