Is democracy half the votes + 1?

Yesterday two former prime ministers from the Dutch Christian Democrat party (CDA) sent a message to the current prime minister and his team who are negotiating further budget cuts and reforms to manage the economical crisis. The current government is a minority government since it was elected but because it was tolerated a right wing xenophobic though in parliament powerful third party the coalition was abe to form the government. And ruin arts, public transport and the lives of mainly the weak in society and on top of it all enforce a policy of xenophobia and post colonial selfishness.

Last week the support from that right wing party, the PVV, was crushed because a member left with the effect that even with their support the current coalition has lost it’s virtual majority of 50% of the parliament seats +1. That happened when the negotiations for a draconic budget cut that will cost thousands of jobs and ruin the economics of the increasing number of poor people in this country. As the current coalition exists of the Liberals (VVD) and Christian Democrats (CDA) it’s obvious that further budget cuts in this direction will touch upon the core values of especially the Christian Democrats.

When this coalition was formed two years ago the Christian Democratic party was torn apart because many in that party did not want to support a government which would work together with the xenophobic and post fascist PVV party as it’s main supporter. But the opposition in the Christian Democratic party lost. On the other hand, democratic principles were never in good keeping with this cabinet of ministers I’m afraid.

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Piet de Jong and Ruud Lubbers. CDA ex prime ministers 

And now, two years later in the middle of the negotiations two former prime ministers from the Christian Democrats, Piet de Jong and Ruud Lubbers publicly opposed further cuts on development aid which in these negotiations seem to be one of the main areas touched upon by budget cuts. They finally have had enough. Mr. de Jong stated that if further cuts on the 0.7% GNP for development aid would be the new policy he would leave his party and battle with the government to his last breath if needed. Mr. de Jong was a submarine commander and knows what battle is. Mr. Ruud Lubbers, todays speaker at a conference on immigration policy, was equally clear on his statements to the current Liberal prime minister Mark Rutte and the Christian Democratic negotiator Maxime Verhagen.

In all honesty. The current government is a minority government. Only held on their seats because the Christian Democratic party has continuously shoved it’s principles aside and neglected it’s core values. So the message of these two old style politicians does count. And they are not the only ones. They follow Dries van Agt, another ex prime minister from the same party who uttered his disgust of the current government long time ago. This government has no backing anymore from the majority of the voters and of the majority of the well experienced politicians from one of it’s two coalition partners. So the only democratic move this government can do is to let the prime minister go to the palace and hand in his resignation to the queen. Instantly.

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