Dancing on the vulcano.

Today I dance on the vulcano
with the heat just underneath me
making dance steps to show
how wonderful dangers can be

Today I sail on the westwind
with heavy clouds passing me by
flapping wings of cotton ginned
far away from every days lie

Today I ride the eastbound train
shifting coal into the engine
rolling fast away from pain
right into the garden of Eden

Today my ship sails far away
taking me with it on a quest
cause I don’t know how to stay
I just have to leave the west

Today I just walk in my street
think about you while I cry
about love lost and soft deceit
not knowing whose was the lie

Vulcano dances will never end
as winds will always blow again
trains will vanish in the distance
a ship might bring me to a friend

But in the end vulcanos die

Alice © 2012