Did I get the flu or did the flu get me?

Right, so it’s viral. Nothing much to do than to live through it with inappropriate amounts of paracetamol and the likes and wait until body has been able to win it from whatever flu virus entered it without invitation. The battle is on now for a week and here are some battle statistics:

Enemy: 6 days fever with a two day record breaking 39.2 Celsius
Me: 38 500mg Paracetamol, 3 Ibuprofin, 5 large groc’s some of them with lemon and honey
Enemy: fooling around by leaving for a day an then come back stronger
Me: lovely weight loss of 5 kilograms uptill now (with a bit of luck I’ll drop below 80)
Enemy: killing off of all my daily activities and communications
Me: 6 days sleep with some awake moments and two days of deep sleep (was writing a delirious filmplot than)
Enemy: draining fluids and energy
Me: 25 tangerines, 2 kilo grapes, 5 oranges, 4 liter juice, tea, water

Of course I have no idea what type of flu virus is making fun with me because they haven’t tested it. Doctor’s answer: the best thing you do is take a rest, use some paracetamol and then you’ll be fine. No we don’t make house calls anymore for flu… Well anyway I’m having a ball here though I can’t stand on my feet properly. It’s also really good not to be thinking about my work and ‘the project’ for a while. That will all come back once that little bugger that’s fooling around in my system is driven out or put to sleep.

For now I’m off again into heavenly delirium. It may take a while before I’m back again.

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