Don’t put Doveshit on your skin!

* ranting mode on *

This is for real guys, girls, whatevers. Really. It’s no frikkin hoax, it is the harsh reality of white supremacy translated into shit you apply on your skin. Shit from Dove. Doveshit. Made by Unilever, who else?

This is what they advertise on their website and in their commercials:

Pretty tolerant ay? Well, Dove (meaning Unilever) is selling their chemical waste to smear on your skin, in your hair and anywhere else on your body. And they urge you to rethink role models. Like in guys versus girls and more prominently white versus any other color. Or how politically correctness can be used for commercial benefit.

And this is what they actually sell:

Ex-fucking-cuse me? “for normal to dark skin. What the hell? Normal skin? What is that? Do they mean skin that’s not touched by skin cancer? Or skin that’s not vicitimized by cellulitis? Nope. They don’t mean that. Dove’s version of normal skin is actually “white skin”. You know, that pinkish stuff that so-called whites like me have on the outside in stead of a nice coffeecolor or reddish or yellowish or darkish or blackish covering. Or greenish if one happens to be a hulk. Dove – I mean Unilver – regards white peoples skin as normal. Implicating that anything other than white is not normal. As in abnormal, as in strange, weird, faulty, degenerate and any other crappy definition of not normal you can think of.

Now, what are they thinking? Do they really think that we’re all out of our heads and buy that stuff? Come on, I won’t buy it and neither do you hopefully. It’s as idiotic as “normal hair” which is presumably non fat non curly hair.

So let’s be clear on something here. I won’t buy it Dove! I mean Unilever. I won’t buy any Dove for cleaning my hairs or my skin or anything else. I am not covering myself with Doveshit. Until you change your stupid behavior and relabel your products in a ‘normal’ manner. Meaning, mister or misses Dove, non discriminatory non insulting texts on your packaging. Do you get it mister Unilever CEO Paul Polman? Change your weird marketing nonsense and let your people think – if that is a process that still works in their brains – before they design packaging.

I do not want anyone, least of all a Dutch originated company, to insult people by normative stupidity. So, no more Doveshit for me!

*ranting mode off*

© 2012 Alice Anna Verheij


4 thoughts on “Don’t put Doveshit on your skin!

  1. I don’t know how I’ve not seen this product before, but I will certainly be boycotting, Unilever. Aside from the fact that I agree with this 100%, it’s incredibly funny. “Ex-fucking-cuse me?” = hilarious!

  2. I don,t know what kind of rubbish they throw in it; but you can bring me to the hospital, whithout joking!/ I am allergic on several things; but DOVE is the most terrible thing to me. I did not know it before, but once I was invited in a house where they had Dove and indeed I ended in the hospital!

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