It’s one of those days today. When you live outside the US, like most people do, you’ll know what I mean. It’s another ‘I hate that US attitude’ day.

Mind you all, I love a lot of Americans. Play their music a lot, Hemingway is my all time fav writer and I happen to work on a China built Mac although I know it’s cramped with Foxconn parts and assembled in Chinese slavery. The bloody thing does work amazingly well however. Americans (and I mean the guys up north of that lengthy continent) make pretty good stuff. Well engineered and well built (by their slaves abroad who are by default also my slaves). The problem I have with ‘Americans’ is that I hate their globalistic politics and their bloody arrogant attitude towards the rest of the world.

True, power outtages are not as intense in the ‘well managed’ US as they are in less well managed India. And also true, they know how to bomb terrorists and dictators. But they also seem to think that they own the whole bloody world. And they don’t.

At least, in the past decades the US has had to leave a couple of south American countries, Vietnam and the rest of south east Asia, Iraq, Mogadishu and a couple of yet unmentioned hell holes likes dogs with their tails in between their legs. For good reasons because whereever they seem to drop their Marines they inadvertently end up blowing the shit out of everything around them devastating the countries they are saying they are helping and becoming the most hated invaders those countries have ever seen.

But that is not the main reason why I do get fed up with them.

Thing is, even on the Net they seem to think that they own the place. Which they don’t. Not only in the big things concerning internet like privacy which they seem to care less about but also in those little annoying things. Like websites that are addressing people globally but built in such a manner that they simply seem to assume that their visitors are Americans too. Which they obviously are not in many cases. Take this one for instance:

A nice little petition site build and managed by students with obviously good intentions. But without clear thinking what the damned Internet is all about. They petition on things. Like getting a gay guy out of custody in a transit center to prevent him to be send to his native country which would most certainly lead to his untimely death. It is a good cause to petition for. A really good cause because the man has as much right to live as anyone else.

So I want to support them in their petition. It’s a webthing so I start filling in the blanks on their petition form and there it pops up right in front of me. The all time ultimate US centric invented in sheer arrogance entry field for the ZIP code. A forced field that surrounds the whole communication and petitioning thing as a Star Wars force field. Or was it Star Trek? You simply cannot get past the damned field without cheating. Pretending to be in the US and denying that you’re from outside that monetary power jail being a non US citizen from another country willing to support a great cause. So I fill in 10001 as my now personal US ZIP code. Not having a fucking clue where 10001 points to. O wait, it’s New York.

So as of today I am Zip code wise a New Yorker living mid town near Broadway . One of those damned Americans. But only on the Net of course.

© 2012 Alice Anna

PS The petition I filled in did arrive in the emailbox of the right adressee. They’re so damned efficient these Americans. 😉


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