Ripping off Apple.

I’m a little bored with Apple Inc. Their computers are invariably great to work with and the designs are still killers. Actually, there really is nothing like it when it comes to design, functionality and durability.

I know, because I’ve been using Apple’s stuff for years and am constantly confronted with the Windows blues of others. But nevertheless, I am a bit bored with Apple.

The worlds richest company is pain in the ass of their resellers because you can’t sell their machines with a decent margin so if you’re a reseller you simply have to earn your living with the extra’s that come with Apple’s computers. Sleeves, cases, peripherals, software et cetera. Apple’s designs are becoming boring too. No major changes, just improvements and visual enhancements. The revolution of the Mac seems to be over. Or is it?

In the meanwhile competion is flatout copying Apple’s stuff. I won’t go into the Samsung – Apple controversy but just have a look at the following pictures of Hewlett Packard (the company that once had a guy named Steve Jobs on its payrole). HP’s Spectre laptops and desktops are so similar to Apple’s designs that it’s scary. It’s like if HP can’t design proper stuff themselves so they just copy it from the masters. Of course the bad news with HP’s equipment is the software. Still the old crappy operating system that is doing it’s utmost to sit the user in the way of efficient computing.

Anyway, I’m getting fed up with Apple’s design. Well, not really of course. I am however getting fed up with other companies copying designs just to get a chip of the market block but not delivering on quality. HP computers do fail quite often because on bad construction as I have experienced several times in the past.

So, I am critical about how Apple Inc. as a company operates and about how they not renew their designs in a revolutionary manner anymore to make the difference with the other computer manufacturers. The revolution seems to have gone. Hopefully I am wrong and will be surprised by the Cupertino people any time soon. And for Hewlett Packard? I hope Apple gives these fuckers a very hard time.

© 2012 Alice Anna Verheij

One thought on “Ripping off Apple.

  1. thanks, good look at apple. The question that llingers in my mind, is what came first, the taste for the design or the design ? Does the public have a secret design wish and when fulfilled they flock to it ? or do they get presented with a design, then the crowd begins to like it , then it becomes the status quo? love your questioning and challenging writing. Have a good day.

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