Something happened today. Or more precise: someone happened to me today. As a result I wrote a poem in Dutch. But as it is so very important for me I want to share it with my English readers. So I translated it. This is what became of that.

Slowly I bid farewell
to the unrest in me
and the violence in my heart
which I do not endure.

Quietly I leave the crossroads
because I chose the way before
and a compass is not needed
for the right course.

I know that I know and see
see, hear, feel, move and breath
pick up what I find on the road
and know when to embrace.

There is no route, no map
no defined path
no desired goal
only uniform motion.

Confrontation was an abstraction
of needless thoughts
and unasked questions that
did not allow answers.

The theme was the mirror
that hid love until
I understood that it can only be there
if I allow that myself.

I am my alternative
my reason for rest
because the path leaving the crosroads
is in me. Invisible visible.

© 2012 Alice Anna Verheij