The Dress

Just around the corner where I live is an art gallery and atelier focussing on paper as the material to work with. I am the proud owner of a Tyvek cutting made by a dear friend, the artist Hannah Oud-Biemold who currently has a work exhibited at the ‘Paleis het Loo’ royal palace in Apeldoorn. Thirdly I am currently working on the first novel in the trilogy ‘Lachrymae’ about three female sitters for 19th century painters, all very Victorian.

These three facts in combination triggered me when I accidentily gazed at the shopwindow of the ‘Whispering Wall’ gallery in the Weimarstraat, the one I mentioned. In that shopwindow is a full size Victorian dress made of paper. Actually made of snippits and left overs from wallpaper. The dress is made by an artist I didn’t know at the time. A phone call later made me aware that it is Annelies Morris, an artist who lives in my neighbourhood who made the dress.

paper dressPaper cutting dress by Annelies Morris at the Whispering Wall in The Hague.

I love the dress. It has the distinctive shape of Victorian dresses and the use of the snippits and cutting for the skirt give the impression of layers of petticoats and nicely patterned textiles. It could have been a wedding dress but that somehow is not my first thought while looking at it. The black birds on the dress add drama and give is a touch of an Edgar Allan Poe mystery. The hat is connected with that and resembles something of a top hat in shape but more feminine.

It’s nice to find a piece of co-incedental art (I understood it was something that was made as a free art project) that is both realistic in shape and form but challenging in material and use of that material. It has a poetic quality, something that could be the basis of a sonnet or love poem and makes me guess what type of woman would wear a dress like this. In 1880 or so. And a bit further in my thoughts I wonder how my sitters and actrices who populate my stories would look in creations like this.

For anyone with a desire (or craving) to see this wonderful creation:

Whispering Wall
Weimarstraat 56
2562 GZ  The Hague

The gallery / shop is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 12PM to 6PM.



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  1. I’m sorry Anna, but your papercut is cut from origami paper, I still have to finish my very first ‘papercut’ out of tyvek 🙂 For my next exhibition I’ll cut a corset from paper or tyvek.

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