A phone call


Train. The Hague to Amsterdam. The thing was on time. Oh, and there actually was some sunshine out there to guide me. To keep me awake. Of course I didn’t take a book with me, after all it’s less than an hour to Amsterdam. I hate reading books when I’m sure that there isn’t enough time to finish at least a couple of chapters.

Anyway, time was flying in absolute boredom. The landscape was absolutely boring. The people in the train were totally uninteresting except for that girl who sat three seats away. I liked her hat, a bowler at the perfect size. Problem was that she looked so cool that it wasn’t fair. The good news was that her shoes didn’t match. Thank the Lord for cool girls who make fashion errors. Makes me feel human. We stopped at Leiden station, a concrete, steel, aluminium and glass structure in ultimate uglyness. Silently I requested Al Qaida to bomb the place. Stations like that should be destroyed. A.S.A.P..

Phone rings in my bag. I don’t notice it.

Train moves again, cityscape Leiden slides along my window. It’s ugly from here, which is strange for a city that really is quite nice.

Phone rings again. I notice.

Front pouch of bag zips open and there’s my daily junk. I frantically search through the chaos I created when leaving home cursing myself for not being organized enough to have a nicely ordered and accessible bag.

Phone rings again. Got it.

I let the white devil slide from it’s cover and thumb-slide the sucker to answer the call. I don’t recognize the number. I mean, the phone doesn’t recognize it and as such shows a number in the display. I never recall phone numbers if they’re not connected to either lovers or friends. I answer.

“Morning, Alice speaking?”
Man says: “Shouldn’t you be at Katwijk to file charges for abuse?”
“I didn’t abuse anyone.”
“You’ve been abused, haven’t you?”
“Not in Katwijk, I never go there.”
“But you’ve just been released from hospital…” Man asks with a doubtful voice.
“For some months.” I answer truthfully.

I decide to play him. He obviously isn’t that smart and I hate guys on the phone without the decency to say their name when I answer. Same goes for women.

“We’re waiting for you here you know.” The man sounds a bit agitated. I love it.
“Oh dear, that’s a nuisance. So, you want to be abused?”
“Err, what do you mean?” Man sounds confused.
“Well if you are than charges can be filed of course.”
“Yes, but…” Man sounds totally confused now.

Silence. For 10 seconds. Voices in the background.

“Err, you are Mrs. Verdoorn?”
“No, I’ve been having a different name for years.”


“Oh, I must have the wrong person.”
“I am quite alright but certainly not yours.” I answer the guy. He still doesn’t laugh. Fucker.


“Err, well err. I mean. Err…”

– click –

I smile as the train rolls into Amsterdam Lelylaan station. I grab my stuff, put on my cap noticing the girl with the bowler following me with her eyes and a big smile. I wave her a kiss and leave, she miles back at me. It’s gonna be a great day.

© 2013 Alice Anna Verheij