Opportunity knocks.

Life is a strange happening.

It is, really. You never know how things will evolve. No one can be sure about his or hers future, no one can be sure about winds in favour or winds against them. Life truly is full of surprises and changes, chances, threats, mishaps and fortune. Thing is to never loose faith, to never loose hope for better times when things are bad or become worse. To rejoice when life is good to you, to embrace happiness, no matter how small. Because one simply can’t know if life will continue its course with ones lide.


Quite often I use the phrase ‘it is like is is’. It’s a Buddhist phrase, and Asian attitude. It’s Zen. Life is like it is. Always. One only has to accept for what it is, no matter how terrible it presents itself or how glorious and wonderful.

My life hasn’t been easy in the past decades. Actually, ever since I was twelve life has turned itself against me for most of the time. Surely I did have good times, happiness and triumphs. But the winds have been against me more often than in favour of me. I should have been bittered by now. I should be cynical. And sad. And honesty forces me to write that I was like that sometimes. But never for a long time. I was born in the Aries sign. Aries are fighters, they are built to overcome difficulties, find their own path in life and follow it. They are, I am, survivors. Believe me, I have nearly lost it a few times. But I’m still here.

In the past few days, a new friendship turned into something special. From that friendship has come an opportunity in my life that I didn’t expect anymore.

Since 2006 I’ve been writing. Developing myself as a writer, a novelist, playwrite and literal artist. I worked hard against the odds like lack of name and fame. I made beautiful stories and books, a wonderful play and much more. But the audiense never really got to the level that I had hoped for. I never got my lucky break, my breakthrough to the level of fame that would enable me to live the life of a writer and artist on the level that my ambitions tell me.

But now that opportunity has risen. I wasn’t seeking or expecting anything to happem, I didn’t aim for it, I simply did what I learned myself to do: open up to people that challenge me in one way or another. And than, all of a sudden, it’s there. This year I’ll write a book that I didin’t expect to write and of which I can be dead sure that it will get media attention and visibility. It will vest my name as a writer and as such bring me what I desired: the recognition as a professional writer.

Life still is a challenge, the difficulties I have to overcome are enormous and often too much to oversee and overcome. But since a couple of months I’ve been able to turn life around again. Now I find myself making books, films and exhibitions on a professional level. My art is sloly but gradually finding its way to an interested audience and I am thankful for it. And I do know it is a lot of hard work, but at least now I get the opportunities I hoped for (and believed in).

Next year around this tims, God or whoever else prevails, that book will be there. By that time there will be media attention and a lot of visibility, simply because of the topic and the way it comes together and with who it is made. All I have to do is survive and dedicate life and time to this. I simply just have to do it. Believe me, I will. I certainly will. Because alongside with this work my other work will find its way. I have the confidence, I have the strength and now I finally have the opportunity. Opporunity knocks and I will answer!

© 2013 Alice Anna Verheij