The rabbit’s hole


This is my current writing spot. Nowadays I have said farewell to the concept of one specific workplace. My writing, filming and photographing takes me to all kinds of places in all kinds of corners of the globe. Most recently in South Asia, more specific in Nepal. Not in the tourist cluttered parts of that amazing Himalayan country but in the more remote areas like the south east Terai in the vicinity of Bhutanese refugee camps. In the very near future in London, UK together with my colleague Floortje Zwigtman to work together on something completely different.

I (have) live(d) in several places like:

The Hague, Voorburg, Scherpenzeel and now again in The Hague, all in the Netherlands
Kathmandu and Jhapa, Nepal
London, United Kingdom 


The world is my desk
it’s my home too.
It’s the place where I write
and where I moving images
or amazing stills.
I am there, somewhere,
in a rabbit’s hole
like all Alice’s do.

Alice Anna © 2008 – 2013

A warm welcome to you at this writing spot. Not a blog but an textual art project, a Writers Block, a place where text meets image and journalism meets art. A place where I publish my writings for a more and more global audience. I am happy you’re here and when you leave, please do come back some day.

My work is very multidimensional. You will find journalistic articles, song lyrics, columns, short stories, poems, photographs and films here. Also announcements of exhibitions and theater performances and probably some other stuff to. Please browse through it, if you like to dig, dig in deep. If you like to respond, please do so. If you’re Dutch and wonder why I write so much in English please understand that I am first and foremost a citizin of the world, not of a country.

Please enjoy yourself here and if you get upset about some of the more serious topics I cover, please allow yourself to be upset. It’s often a good emotion.

Alice Anna

For clarity: my work is copyrighted! Quoting me, republishing articles, photos or any thing else is only allowed after written permission by me and with mentioning me as the source. There are laws for this, please abide by them because this is my bread and butter.