Come fly with me…

I am lost. Totally. I think I must have time traveled back to the sixties. Thing is I am hooked on Pan Am, the sixties airline series from ABC about Pan American World Airways. Or, to be more specific, about four stewardesses having fun being stewardesses sometime in the imaginary sixties. And to be even more specific about the Maggie Ryan character. Or to be even more specific about Christina Ricci. For the ones who are not familiair with the series, you’re allowed to guess which one of the girls is a genuine turn on in my eyes.

Promo photo for Pan Am, courtesy: ABC Networks

To be honest, I have been in love with the sixties for a long, long time. The industrial design, the cars, the architecture and furniture and of course most of the fashion. I just totally love the look. And, one of the greatest fashion designs are of course the stewardess uniforms of the airlines in that era. With Pan Am gloriously in bright blue with white accessories. At that time a lot more attractive than the KLM uniforms which were in equivalent blue but not as sexy as Pan Am had them designed.

I suppose I was just born some 25 years too late. Not that I would have lucky – and gorgeous – enough for a stewardess career but hey, a girl may heve her dreams. Even when supposed to be too mature for this sort of follies. Because I would lie if I wouldn’t just want to have one of these uniforms just for the fun of it. Anyway, I love the series. The storylines are crappy and superficial but frankly, I don’t care as long as the visual part is as it is.

As it is tv and as we are some fifty (OMG!) years later than the sixties we all know that the whole thing has little or nothing to do with reality. Apart from the stewardesses. Come on, we all know that Schiphol Airport even today is a kind of lesbian candy shop (if the guys who read this might think they’re the only ones who dig these girls than wake up fellowa, you’ve got competition there).

Anyway, I would love it when fashion designers watch these series closely and adjust their designs to be more sixties like and return to more feminine attire for daily use. Because what’s in the shops cannot get me enthusiastic at all after watching old sixties films and television series. It’s the timeless quality of sixties fashion that was by the way not exclusively designed for women with the bodies of fifteen year old anorexia patients but for genuine women. With curves and all and with sizes that are more human (the television series unfortunately limits itself to small size starlets). I prefer the richness of the Marilyn Monroe type of woman who by todays standards would be regarded as too short, too fat and physically not equipped for high fashion. Which implicates the lack of taste of most modern day designers and fashionistas. Still, maybe some designers will try to make use of what these retro television series and their huge success promises: hard cash for the sixties experience.

So, if anyone has the power to beam me back to the sixties or get me into a fitting (which might be a challenge!) uniform like the ones above, please call or email! In the meanwhile I will just do with my own sixties stuff that I have in my closet.

Alice Anna © 2012