Since almost two years I am working as a free lance journalist (text, photo, video). Recently I have been listed at the NVJ (Dutch Journalists Society) and soon also of Reporters Without Borders.

My work as a journalist focusses on the following topics:

South Asian refugee issues (Nepal, Bhutan)
– Nepal society, minority groups, social issues and politics
LGBT related issues in Netherlands and Nepal

My latest (and partly ongoing) work consists off the following productions:

– an essay on the Bhutanese Diaspora (published online with extracts in printed media)
– several articles written for Nepali media
– several contributions to Bhutan News Service (
– two articles concerning business crime in the Dutch lesbian community
– a number of articles concerning the absense of change in Dutch law concerning transgenders
– management of communication for the Empowerment Foundation (
– production and direction of Headwind, a feature lenght documentary concerning Bhutanese exiles
– co-production of photo exhibitions on elderly in the Himalaya and Bhutanese refugees
– co-production of a photobook about elderly in the Himalaya region
– co-production of a memorial photobook about the Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal

This year I hope to broaden my scope of Nepal and South Asia and to do that I am planning a move to Nepal to work from Kathmandu within a few months.

I am available on a free lance basis for media who want to report on Nepal society and refugee issues in Nepal and South Asia. I work – if needed – with my own equipment (Sony HVR1000E HDTV videocam, Canon 60D DSLR, Apple computers and use Final Cut Pro X, Aperture and Adobe CS5 professional editing software).

For more information contact me through the response form on this page, send me an email or get on the phone!

Alice Verheij
free lance journalist on South Asia and LGBT issues
Marconistraat 79
2562JC The Hague, Netherlands
Phone: +31 6 1738 5526 (Netherlands), +977 9813464511 (Nepal as of May 2012)
Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten A-member (
Reporters Without Borders member (