File: the Bhutanese Diaspora.

The following downloadable essay covers my view on the history of the Bhutanese Diaspora. It shines a light on history, migration in the region, the ethnic cleansing in Bhutan in the early nineties of the last century, the current situation and my opinion on this humanitarian crisis. By it’s nature the essay contains my analysis and opinion on the topic and might very well not be inline with that of others. It’s an essay after all…

To read it, please right click this link and save the file to your computer.

A view on the history of the Bhutanese Diaspora.

Alice Verheij.


8 thoughts on “File: the Bhutanese Diaspora.

  1. Dear Alice,
    Thanks for the great works. Its worth reading. I am eager to read heavily loaded reply to this Drukpa (Drukpa kinley in chimi lhakang).

  2. The one who wrote in response to Alice’s essay is still a baby and ignorant or deliberately pretending. Ngalongs came from Tibet, Sharchhokpas came from Burma
    and Lhotshampas from Nepali. He or she wrote in his/her own defense but never tried to know that lhotshampas were taken to Bhutan by requesting Nepalese ruler during the time of Tsrong Genpo as early as 7 century but recent generations claim the arrival is of seventeen century.
    Secondly, he/she is partial to own self. Perhaps there was a tussels between Bhutanese and Camp people but it has it own original cause which has been
    manipulated by bhutanese authority. Very few refugees might have engaged in the tussels but because of the few, majority suffered. So far non of the bhutanese from bhutan shouted in favour of genuine bhutanese in the camps.

    • It’s sad to find out that breaches copyrights and republishes without consent in a hostile environment. It’s also very sad to notice that so many Bhutanese in Bhutan seem to be oblivious of the history of their country.

  3. @drukpa
    As you are obviously writing in favor of the regime I know there is little use to enter a discussion.
    But ok, let’s have a go at it.
    I will not respond on insult or insinuations from your side. Just the facts.
    1. the Bhutan government at this stage doesn’t want to respond to my findings.
    2. my sources are multiple. Not only refugees but also politicians, artists, journalists form Bhutan, Nepal and the international political scene including US, UN and European Parliament. Also scholars from Thribuvan and Dehli universities.
    3. were are your facts disputing mine? Were is your proof against my eye witness proof?
    4. if you find (and prove) I will change the documents.
    5. I use my own name. What’s yours? Your name is obviously not Drukpa my dear. Are you afraid to be open on your identity?
    6. Over 100.000 refugees are not ‘a few biased persons’…
    7. Have you ever heard of the concept called ‘human rights’?

    As for the case I am stating, there is nothing in our words that proves the opposite of my statements. So as for now, all words written by me are there and will remain unchanged.

    • @Drukpa,
      you didn’t answer my questions.
      Regarding the sources and research. Your sources seem only to be Bhutanese. Mine are Bhutanese, Indian, Nepali, UK, US and UN. Sorry, but it seems indenpency is something difficult for you.
      Your 2008 general elections were no general elections as many people were not allowed to vote as you very well know.
      The Wangchuck’s came to power in 1907 with strong support by the British, as stated by many historians and archives in Thribuvan University.
      BTW, I am an experienced writer/journalist and have double checked my sources and the testimonies given by many in person. You can try to challenge that but it won’t work.
      Bhutan Times? You’ve got to be joking! You know they’re biased in favor of the Bhutan regime.

    • I have not read all that is written. But I have read a few of what ‘Alice’ has put down.

      I agree completely that it is criminal to exile own citizens but these people were never Bhutanese at the first place. Bhutan has its sovereign right to evict non Bhutanese. If some of those in Bhutan of doubtful origin or non-Bhutanese leave for fear of being found out, can Bhutan be blamed for that? If the people in the camps in East Nepal were true Bhutanese why did they not allow verification to proceed? Why would these beat up Bhutanese officials almost killing them? The answer is that obvious. Why did they destroy all census documents and records in Geylephug back n the late 80s? The reasons here is obvious too. I also agree they have a right to return to their own home. They should return to their home, wherever that is.

  4. Alice,
    Your apology at the start that this is just an essay and that you are not a historian does little to justify the huge creative leap you have taken with the history of our region. You openly admit that your only source of information are the people in the camps. Quite clearly you have not bothered to read a single historical source of information about our region. Here is a link in case you couldn’t find one yourself:

    Are you a college student or a high school student? The standard of research leaves a lot to be desired. Your formatting on the other hand is excellent.

    – Nepalese came to Bhutan in the 17th century? Only according to the so-called refugees
    – The British appointed our King in 1907?
    – “Bhutan’ is’ an’ almost’ medieval’ autocratic’ and’ buddhist’ monarchy”…? Did you miss our general elections in 2008 completely?

    My question to you is did you sit in a cocoon while you wrote your ‘essay? To answer your question of Will it ever end…the answer is no, so long as people like you write this sort of articles and perpetuate misunderstanding over the real facts.

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