Photo journalism

In 2011 and 2012 I traveled to Nepal and India to cover the dire situation of the Bhutanese living in exile. We visited the refugee camps and interviewed many people. The results are more than 50 hours of video footage and over 18.000 photographs.

In 2011 we held a photo exhibition at HOOP in The Hague, Netherlands.
Early 2012 that photo exhibition traveled back to the camps in Nepal.

In September and Oktober 2012 we will hold another exhibition at the Domchurch in Utrecht, Netherlands. That exhibition will display the very best of our photographs, both printed as digitally displayed.

During that exhibition we will premiere the newly published photobook, a memorial to the Bhutanese exile, titled ‘Unforgotten’. ‘Unforgotten’ tells the tale of people living in refuge and exile in the refugee camps in the southeast of Nepal. Camps that are being scaled down and closed due to mass resettlement excuted by the UNHCR. Almost 100.000 refugees (some 95% of th ecamps population) is being shifted from the originally seven camps to eight countries in the west: the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK. In seven years 1/6th of the total population of Bhutan is being thrown in diaspora after having lived 20 years in refuge resulting from a grand schemed ethnic and cultural cleansing operation by the Bhutanese government.

‘Unforgotten’ shows daily life in the camps and as such is a work of visual history writing for a people and a situation that will vanish in history soon.

‘Unforgotten’ will be sold later this year through this website, internet sales, bookshops and refugee communities.