More information about my professional work can be found at

The following WoordenStorm publications can be downloaded via this website:

  • The novel Een latte, een cappu en een espresso by Alice Verheij from 2010 (Dutch) – sold out
  • The script of Een familiezaak by Alice Verheij and Ellen Boekelaar from 2007 (Dutch) – download here
  • My bundle with short stories De Genderdans by Alice Verheij from 2008 (first version in Dutch) – download here

As of September 2012 the following publications can be ordered through the WoordenStorm website. Please return for announcements about when and how (all prices are incl. VAT, postage and packing):

In 2014 and later I expect to publish the following books:

  • First revised edition of my 2009 Dutch language novel Droomvlucht Afrika, published by WoordenStorm (€9,95) (eBook)
  • First revised edition of my Dutch language poetry bundle Passiezeren from 2008-2014
  • Second revised edition of my debuting novel Een latte, een cappu en een espresso from 2010, published by WoordenStorm (free eBook)
  • and of course my new Dutch language novel Laudanum.

Notice!All my work is copyrights protected. For more information read the Copyrights page on this website.

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