I’ve created the memorial photobook UNFORGOTTEN containing almost 180 high quality documentary photos in a 23 cm square bound book. This book gives an insight in life in the Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal.

The intention of this book is twofold. First of all we hope to deliver a memorial book to the Bhutanese community in exile for future reference and to capture the history of the exile and life in the camps in Nepal. Because within a couple of years these camps will cease to exist and future generations deserve a good quality documentary book depicting life of their relatives in the camps.

Secondly we hope to be able to educate western society on how life in a refugee camp is. Not through dramatic pictures but with pictures of ordinary life. Although there certainly are some dramatic pictures in the book.

UNFORGOTTEN IS ALMOST SOLD OUT, only a few copies are still available through www.woordenstorm.nl.

UNFORGOTTEN sells for €17,50 including VAT and excluding postage and packaging.

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