Big spending ministers in the Dutch cabinet.

So this is what the declarations of some of the Dutch cabinet ministers sum up to in the first year of their government.
The year in which they started on one of the harshest economic policies pushing on minimal earners in my country.

And these are only the declarations of their bills for food, lodging, apartments, furniture and such excluding their wages!
These governmanet officials are party members of the Christian Hypocrits and Liberal Robbers. Now, who was saying that the Netherlands is on of the least corrupt nations on the globe?

1. Minister of Defence Uri Rosenthal (Liberals) €325,000

2. Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs Ben Knapen (Christian Democrats) €210,000

3. Minister de Jager (Christian Democrats) €181,000

4. Minister Verhagen (Christian Democrats) €139,000

5. Prime Minister Mark Rutte (Liberals) €102,000

6. Minister of Agriculture Henk Bleker (Christian Democrats) €97,000

Total of the top 6 in their first year of robbing the nation: €1,054,000 on declarations only!

* Information from RTL News.

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Occupy Wall Street.

UPDATE: On October 15, the OccupyAmsterdam and OccupyDenHaag movements kick off. I’ll join in on the Binnenhof. Please, if you care for our society and the people on the downside of it, the victims of government and corporate corruption and dishonesty, come! Join in, it’s important. We all need a revival of solidarity!

For days now I am following the news about the Occupy Wall Street movement. People from all layers of society showing solidarity with the ‘have not’s’ against the ‘have’s’ in the United States of Corruption. They are brave, very brave. What these people do is address the US government and the corporations on their responsibilities for the economic crisis that is caused by the financial industry which is corrupt to the core. They doe that in the very heart of that system, on Wall Street.

Obviously, the city and the government need to protect the corporations and workers of these corporations in the financial heart of the US. For many reasons. Some of these reasons have to do with the benefits government, city and financial corporations share. And because they have the power of force by owning the police force they have no problem at all to use that police force against this solidarity movement. That police force is derailing frequently, like last night. The video shows police brutality against peaceful protestors. The Wall Street crowd was about 12.000 last night, not just a few hundred. And it’s continuously growing. The govenment and city will in the end do everything to break that protest. Question is, can they?

The people of the OWS movement are protesting against the people and corporations that caused the demise of so many people and small businesses. They protest against the greed that has become the major exponent of the so-called free market. A market which is not free at all but governed by the interest of financial institutions and governments. A market divided and driven by corruption. Not only in the US, but globally. Because how things are in the US is not very different from how things are in Europe and elsewhere in ‘western’ society. The consequences of the unmatched corruption in the US is that it has spread all over the globe. Financial institutions and governments in Europe are just as corrupt as those in the US. There is nog difference in that. Occupy Wall Street is not only fighting for the freedom of the people on the edges of the American society but also of those in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and many, many other countries. They fight for the rights of the poor in the west and in essence they fight for survival of western society. It’s a revolutionary movement and I can only choose their side in their battle.

The police response, guided by the city and the major is flat out fascist. Beating protesters who are totally right in their protests and protecting the interest of crooks in the government and corporations. They have had enough and finally there was nothing left to do than to protest together against what the so-called free society of the US has produced: poverty and sorrow for hard working and honest people and richness for criminals, crooks and politicians.

Personally I can not wait until the OWS movement which is expanding fast over western society will go to the streets in my country. I will be there. Writing about it, maybe filming it. Because I care for my society and because I too want to see an end of the corruption in my country. Because I too think that the current government in my country is totally on the wrong page to fight an economic crisis by protecting the egoism based layer within my society. So on October 15 the ‘Bezet Beursplein 5’ starts in Amsterdam. Check OccupyAmsterdam and OccupyDenHaag on FaceBook. Rumor has it that I’ll be present too. It seems about 850 others are saying that they’ll be there too on October 15. Will you join?

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