Today someone gave me something I desired for quite some time. An old little automatic photo camera which I intend to use for lomography (LOMO photography). However, not with a LOMO but with something special. Alice Anna is trippin analogue!

The Olympus Trip 35 is a legendary camera. One of the first compact cameras made in Japan and produced from 1967 to 1984. One of the longest camera production runs ever and a total production figure of more than ten million! Once they were all around. Mine is an early 1978 model in absolutely perfect condition. It’s works like a charm and the old selenium cell obviously is still ok.

iPhone photo by me.

The good thing about this camera is… well actually the good things are a list of good things like these:

  • 100% mechanic
  • no battery needed, no electronics
  • extremely durable and keeps working under very difficult conditions
  • full metal body, hardly any plastic used
  • proper handling weight, not too light and not too heavy
  • uses ordinary 35mm film
  • automatic exposure based on film ASA and selected focal range, so just click away!
  • hot shoe for flash and normal tripod connection
  • it even has an image counter 🙂
  • release knob with mount for self timer and wire release
  • great Zuiko f2.8 40mm 4 elements and 3 groups front focussing Tessar lens
  • mechanical shutter release lock and indicator when light conditions are too low

Needless to say, I love this camera, it’s simplicity and its built quality. As mine is a rather new 1978 type there are no production issues or faults at all with it and it can still live for another couple of decennia. The images coming from this camera are amazing. The lens is of very high quality and it was used by many well known photographers to make amazing work. One of the best known was David Bailey who also made some commercials for this camera.

Anyway, I hope this little one is going to be with me for a long time and some of the results will be of your liking. As of today you might find me Trippin’ along.

© 2012 Alice Anna Verheij