The Darkening.

A few centuries ago Europe transitioned from the ‘dark ages’, the middle ages, into the ‘enlightment’. It was the time that religion took another course. The almighty powers of the curch, of Rome, was slowly but gradually pushed back in favour of science and knowledge. A few decades after the end of that period Europa was at war, triggerred by the revoluion of the commoners: the French Revolution.

Between 1780 and 1945 Europe was the home of many a battleground. The Enlightment brought not only science and the benefits of that but also instability in government. Europe began to know more but became less human in the past although many historians will defend the contrary. My measure is the number of victims of war and conflict and unfortunately it cannot be disputed that the aftermath of the Enlightment resulted in Napoleon’s endeavors to ‘conquer’ the world and after him the Prussians and Russians, the British and many others all knew a long time of conflicts. They raped the Balkan by intervention and it all came to two big orgasms of violence: the great war and the Second World War. Many millions lost their lives in an enlightened world.

And then it was finally all clear to everyone: we couldn’t go on like that.

After WW2 a tensed peace was ours and after that a less tensed peace. In the 1980’s the world changed. The Soviet block dissiminated and there was a lot op hope. Western Europa became a healthy, wealthy and safe place. But not in Eastern Europe. The aftermath of the fall of the Sovjets raged war in the Balkan. Western Europe was ineffective in it’s foreign policy. Then there was 9/11. We all know wat happened afterwards.

Europe now is on the retreat. Economically it is allmost dead and it has no single international policy. Europe is vague. Just like its governments. And vague brings fear. So Europeans have become less free and more scared. Scared for their assets being taken away due to the international monetary crisis. Scared for foreigners from outside Europe because they might take away what’s left of their wealth. Scared for Europenas from the south of Europe who’s economies are crippled the most. Poverty grows and is or seems to be contageous. Europe above all is scared to raise its voice. Against the crimes of their neighbors (Syria) and against groups within the European society that are not accepted in some parts of the less modern half of Europe.

So Europe becomes crazy about a soccer shampionship and the Olympic Games because as Nero said: “The plebs need bread and games”. And Europe does not take a stand when at those games anti semitism, neo fascism and homophobic behavior is openly practiced in all its disgusting apperances. The attitude of many eastern Europeans in regard to minorities, black, jews, gays and trans people is downright hostile and against everything that the Enlightment in Europe once brought. It is those outings of hatred that are the biggest threat to Europe, to peace and to prosperity. The amount of hatred brought over Europe by eastern Europeans and their governments (including Russia) is of an astounishing magnitude.   And it is spreading. The western European apathy of the people who prefer to concentrate on their beer and their national soccer team in stead of protesting against what’s happening just a few hundred kilometers away is the enabler for a wave of hate that’s spreading fast.

Western European governments (Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, United Kingdom) are or have been held hostage by xenophobic political parties exploiting the fears and the greed that’s all around. The Dutch prime ministers political party defends the cuts on development aid to the benefit of the car drivers in the country as if it was the most normal thing to do. after all we rather have more asphat to drive on than spending our cash on keeping starving people from starvinf. Morality is gone and protests are week. The left – traditionally the ones focussing on solidarity – is too much involved with their own inability to get support from the citizens. No one throws stones to people cutting down on the support of others in societies that have so much less. No one is really raged by statements of church leaders in western Europe about homosexuality and child abuse or of their eastern colleagues about stoning homosexuals at the Pride (Bulgaria). Europeans rather stays silent and focussed on their own wallets. Not understanding that they enterde the New Dark Ages, not seeing that live in the equivalent of the ‘Darkening’. Not grasping the reality of their societies moral backruptcy.

Europe, it was a nice dream. But we al better wake up quickly now.

© 2012 Alice Anna Verheij


Badlands Netherlands.

It might be so that in western Europe we have trouble with the economy, but that’s not so special when seen on a global scale. And it might be so that we in western Europe have problems with people from outside our countries who come here to get a better deal than in their own country because there’s it’s worse. And it might very well be so that in my country, the Netherlands, there are thousands of Polish, Rumanian, Bulgarian and other eastern Europeans pushing on employment and by doing so make life more difficult for many Dutch born citizens. And it can also be that in politics people think they should protect their country and society.

But that doesn’t mean that it is anyway halfway humane or decent to set aside groups of people in our society as criminals and outlaws whose only goal is to be a pain in the ass of the ‘better part’ of society. It certainly doesn’t mean that a political party should be allowed to setup a hatred driven website where people can complain anonymously about Polish people and other easter Europeans who live and work in our country. And above all it is a travesty of decency that thesame politcal party does so while hiding behind freedom of speech and opinion. Because when that freedom means limiting the freedom of others it is not about freedom anymore but about discrimination.

In my country there’s a rights wing xenophobic and islamophobic political party led by Geert Wilders, a parlementarian from the south of the country, that does all of the above. The Freedom Party (PVV) set aside foreigners by habit. After continuously attacking Islamists they have now found another group to target: eastern Europeans working and living in the Netherlands. The PVV threw a website online where one can anonymously complain about foreigners from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Specifically targeting these groups as the groups that they feel are bringing all kinds of social problems, criminality and upheavel in our society. It’s an openly hostile act against many people in our society who are part of ethnic groups that have migrated to our country out of economic motives.

No matter how much truth there is in the complaints about for instance Moroccan youth or Polish workers and Bulgarian and Rumanians, it is simply unaccetable that such a hostile website is online.

Of course the judicial system has decided that the front man of that PVV party is free to state what he wants to state about specific groups in society. And of course there are problems with specific groups in society, but setting these groups aside and labelling them as troublemakers and criminals is short sighted and an unbelievable act of political indecency. Actually: it’s barbaric. The fact that this PVV party is allowed to play such an important role in Dutch politics is a shame on the Netherlands. It’s disgraceful to see that in my country people are treated the way they are by this PVV party. It’s shameful that politics and laws have no answer to this party of hatred. It’ disgusting to realize that thesame political parties that seem to oppose too much control on the internet doe not act firmly against that one political party that has lost all sense of decency. It’s degrading for the Dutch society as a whole that this party of xenophobic lunatics are even being listened to. It’s absolutely terrible to realize that because of this idiotic politics the Dutch society has transfomed itself in a selfish and xenophobic hostile society that rather allows crazy people to discriminate others than to defend the ones who are being set aside unjustly.

But that’s how it is today. The Netherlands has lost it’s innocence. It is not anymore a country that puts freedom for all at the top and that defendes the rights of any human being equally. Over the past few years this country has changed into a country where many don’t want to part of anymore. Including myself. I am disgusted of the politics and general mood in this society, I am sick of the selfishness and xenophobia and I am tired of the media who jump on every statements or action from crazy politicians. This country makes me somber and sick and has become for me a country to be ashamed of and not a country to be proud to be a citizin of. The Netherlands has become a sad country with a dark shadow hanging over it. A shadow of selfishnes, fear and xenophobia. A country where somehow many voters seem to want that, a country that has lost it’s status as a guiding nation, a safe haven for the vulnarable and a tolerant country and has turned into a place where decent people shouldn’t want to live. I for one do not. I do not see this country as my homeland, because it isn’t anymore. I have not changed but the country around me has changed into a filthy place poisened by hate. Hate brought by crazy politicians and strengthened by media who are only interested in the number of viewers everyday.

My biggest desire has become to leave this country that has become so mindless and short sightened as soon as possible. And if needed for good. I have lost hope that the Netherlands will ever become the beautiful country it once was. Because the people simply do not see nor understand what has become of their country. I for one am deeply ashamed of my country for it has changed into something that I can and will not relate to anymore. A xenophobic country ruled by populistic disturbed people and a prime minister who doesn’t have the decency to stop the nonsense and just says that he is not going to give any comments. How degrading!

Alice © 2012