Every picture tells a story. As Rod Stewart once sang on just another one of his albums. And it’s true. Just like that a picture is a thousand words. My life and work now is all about pictures. Pictures made by me and other photographers. The culmination of my work over the recent months at this stage is the photo exhibition, hopefully soon to be followed by the film. But there’s more happening around me.

Some time ago, early this year, I met Johan Brouwer. He is an artist, photographer, who works on the empowerment of gay people in the Netherlands and he does so in a vey positive way. His response to the increasingly bad sentiments in Dutch society regarding gay people was his idea to make a photo and storybook that will show the beauty of the diversity that the gay, or better lgbt, world in the Netherlands has. We talked about it and he asked me if I was available to be part of it. Like publishing a portrait of me in his book ‘‘.

I suggested not to print a couple of photos but to use one, made by him at a place that’s somehow special to me, and publish that accompanied by a story of me. We agreed and the photo that you see here was taken at the Lange Voorhout, close to Pulchri, in the city where I was born, raised and where I now live. During the summer I wrote a story for the book while I was in Kathmandu.

Johan’s book, that I already love before I have seen the whole book, is soon to be published. Early Oktober there will be a presentation in Amsterdam. I’ll be there with a performance. What I’ll do there is a surprise, even for Johan. I am happy that in this way, by being involved and having a portrait of me published together with a short story in Johan’s book, I can contribute to a different style of gay pride than that was is usually regarded as pride.

There are very few transgender lesbian artists who are public on their gender and sexuality up to the level of being open, out and visible. It’s a choice I made to do this. I did so because of Johan’s positive angle on the topic and the quality of the book he is making. I feel proud to be part of it. Also because I’m part of a selection of people in that book that is a great selection with amazing people. So, if you want to see more of what Johan made: buy the book once it hits the bookstores. It’s worth your money. Check out for a sneak peak.

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