Novel publication announcement Fall 2011.

Publication Announcement Fall 2011.

This fall WoordenStorm Publications will publish the novel ‘Headwind Laxmi’s Story’ by Alice Verheij. The novel is written in English to be able to distribute it in the Bhutanese and Nepalese communities globally. There will also be an edition published in Nepal for south Asia and global distribution.

About the story.

‘Headwind, Laxmi’s Story’ is a beautifully crafted and compelling novel about a young girl who was born in exile, resettled to the Netherlands and had to fight for both her place in society as her independence from her own society.

Laxmi, who names herself Cindy now was born in a Bhutanese family in a refugee-camp in Nepal. At a very young age she learns about the dangers in the camps as she is attacked and raped violently. But she also befriended Jigme, a Dalit (low caste) boy as a child and there friendship becomes more intimate over the years and grows to real love.

In 2008 Laxmi’s parents opt for resettlement, so Laxmi and Jigme have to part. Indefinitely. The life in her new homeland is difficult. But Shreeni learns to adjust. She is even able to find a job and after a few years she actually starts her own flower shop. But the cost is high as she has to break with her family not being able to feel part of their strict Hindu culture anymore. After a terrible row she finally takes her life in her own hands.

Then, a few years later she gets an invitation from her uncle who now lives in Chicago to come to his house for a holiday. She decides to go not knowing that her life will take a decisive turn.

Headwind, Laxmi’s Story is both a novel that is critical about the situation of the exiles form Bhutan as a great love story.

About the author.

Alice Verheij is a Dutch writer who started writing at a later age. After a theatre play in 2007 and a few yet unpublished novels she had her first novel published in 2010. She prefers to write about social and cultural issues in present day using the novel as a form to let people understand the challenges of the characters in her books.

Since 2010 she is involved with the exiles from Bhutan who had to leave their country as a result of horrific discrimination and ethnic cleansing in the early nineties of the last century. Until this day these people face many challenges and disregard for their situation by the international community.

About the Headwind project.

‘Headwind, Laxmi’s Story’ is the third part of the Headwind cross media project focussing on the situation of the Bhutanese exiles and refugees. In 2012 the feature length documentary, titled ‘Headwind’, will be released at the international documentary and human rights focussed film festivals.

The novel has been written in the summer of 2011 in between the shootings for the documentary in Nepal. Thereby the author has been able to capture the specific nature of the life of a young refugee girl, living in a camp in the Terai region in the subtropic southeast of Nepal. Having visited the camps many times the author’s descriptions of these camps and the live within are as close to reality as possible. This novel not only tells the tale of an original love story but also gives an inside look at the lives of the exiled Bhutanese. By that it is an unique work worth reading. For more information on the Headwind project please surf to

Paperback Approximately 310 pages
Full color cover High print quality
Price: €19,95 including taxes excluding shipping 
Availability: Internet, Publisher

For more information about this novel, the upcoming documentary or the Headwind Project please contact:

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