Save our orchestras!

The Dutch government is executing the largest cuts ever in the cultural sector. Many things that have been built and developed in our society on cultural level is being dismantled and destroyed. With the argument of the global financial crisis backing up their policy of cultural destruction.

Without any interest in what culture (music, theatre, visual and performing arts) mean for the good of the people and without regard for the place it has in society and with a focus on the economy, on money and growth, our culture is not slowly but rapidly destructed. In protests artists have shown that they do not accept being the outcasts of society because ‘their work does not contribute to a stronger economy’.

The Netherlands will because of the policy of this right wing anti cultural and stupid government lose some of its gems like the Metropole Orchestra and many other important groups in the performing arts. The Metropole Orchestra performs with know Dutch singers in protest. Their video is widely spread over the internet in support of the arts and against the policy of this government. Enjoy what music does and join in protest by spreading this video as a viral.

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