Solar (bottle) lights.

When I was in Nepal I saw many slumps in Kathmandu and many small towns and villages in the country. I also visited the refugee-camps in the Jhapa and Morang districts in the south. When I was there the energy situation was terrible. Load shedding made that in many places electricity was only available for a few hours per day. And just after I left news got to me that the largest refugee-camp of Bhutanese in the vicinity of Damak was blacked out by the local population and the energy company leaving the 30.000 refugees in that camp without electricity at all.

Due to the construction of the houses in the slumps of the cities and towns and camps (actually sheds and huts) electricity is needed to bring some light inside them. Without light during the day inside these homes living is more difficult because of the darkness that these constructions have.

And then I saw a YouTube video in one of my FaceBook friends timeline about solar bottle light. Here it is. Watch it an realize that with this simple engineering many people in Nepal could have just a little less trouble in their daily life.

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