This is what the trans ‘community’ needs in NL’s.

There’s a problem with trans emancipation in the Netherlands. The lack of a role model for transwomen and transmen. Well, not really, we do have one. Valentijn is doing a tremondous job being un unwanted but good rolemodel for transgender youth. But it’s not only youth who need role models, older trans people need role models too. And most of all society needs role models.

These two women, Janet Mock and Isis King talking about thier position as role model are doing great in the US. I do wish we had some like them in the Netherlands.

And yes, they are both gorgeous. Nothing wrong with that for as far as I’m concerned.

But we don’t, I’m afraid. Probably because socety around them is still acting pretty shitty about it all. Still, I do have hope that things will change. Eventually.