thatcher funeral

I have never been a supporter of Margaret Thatcher. I fact I opposed her policies on the de-industrialisation of the UK, trade, economics and also her foreign policies. I am a pacifist, she most certainly was not. I did not like her dealings with the Falklands although I do think that those islands should stay British.

But there is no doubt Britain would be like it is today without her reign as prime minister. And there certainly is no doubt about the quality of British tradition and the British sense of dignity and decorum as shown today.

Today I watched the funeral of Thatcher with growing admiration for what the British can do and how they adhere to their traditions. The whole day has been a proof of how a state funeral, albeit not a formal state funeral, should be organized and executed. Every little detail had been taken care of, no flaws in concentration of anyone involved in this very special occasion. The funeral was a hallmark example of British pride and military strength.

The whole funeral showed how (most of) the British honoured a leader who without any doubt was responsible for the resurrection of Britain.

When I visited the UK in the 1980’s on a very frequent basis it was a nation in decline. Unemployment, lack of interest for the historical value of it’s culture, the constant threat of terrorism and an overall feeling of nationwide depression were omnipresent. But when I returned to London this year after decades of absence I was surprised to find a clean and proud city, people who were open and welcoming and monuments, buildings and a city that looked better and more impressive than ever. The contrast between London in the eighties and today were remarkable and impressive.

Today’s funeral underlined this new quality of that country.

I still do not approve of many aspects of Thatcher’s politics. But I do feel that today’s funeral was appropriate and fitting for a woman of her stature and strenght. Because no matter what anyone might think or say, she certainly was a remarkable and impressive prime minister. A woman of great strength. The only disturbance of the occasion was the lack of control of those who protested against her even after her death. They shouldn’t have done so.

© 2013 Alice Anna