Big spending ministers in the Dutch cabinet.

So this is what the declarations of some of the Dutch cabinet ministers sum up to in the first year of their government.
The year in which they started on one of the harshest economic policies pushing on minimal earners in my country.

And these are only the declarations of their bills for food, lodging, apartments, furniture and such excluding their wages!
These governmanet officials are party members of the Christian Hypocrits and Liberal Robbers. Now, who was saying that the Netherlands is on of the least corrupt nations on the globe?

1. Minister of Defence Uri Rosenthal (Liberals) €325,000

2. Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs Ben Knapen (Christian Democrats) €210,000

3. Minister de Jager (Christian Democrats) €181,000

4. Minister Verhagen (Christian Democrats) €139,000

5. Prime Minister Mark Rutte (Liberals) €102,000

6. Minister of Agriculture Henk Bleker (Christian Democrats) €97,000

Total of the top 6 in their first year of robbing the nation: €1,054,000 on declarations only!

* Information from RTL News.

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