Vluchten kan nog wel

At Monday February 27th a theatershow will be brought to the small but beautiful stage of Literary Theatre Branoul in the heart of The Hague. The show titled ‘Vluchten kan nog wel’ (Fleeing is still possible) will be brought to the stage by the Dutch group MAXimaal. A comedy and cabaret group formed by Max Douw and Alice Verheij.

The show will host besides Max Douw, the befriended comedy group Kluister, Ruth Surink, Ilona Houweling and me. ‘Vluchten kan nog wel’ tells the story of how it is still possible to escape from all of it and to live your dream. How financial crisis is actually a mental crisis of a western society that has lost track of what life is really about. A story of how there still is love and how there still is a place where the fireflies dance in the evening light over the ricefields and most important of all: how to get there.

‘Vluchten kan nog wel’ is inspired by my travels and work in Nepal for the Bhutanese living in exile and how that has changed my life and gave me new insights in what life is about: friendships, love and caring for others in stead of fear for the unknown stranger, xenophobia and the loss of wealth. The show is an initiative of Max Douw and me and is to be seen on invitation only basis.

Interested to visit the show in support of the Headwind project? Just send me a message. The show is invitation only and should not be missed!