I am first and foremost a writer. I write in Dutch and English and the past few years some 1500 articles have been published on this website, a theater play was written and brought to the stage, five novels have been written of which two have been published though WoordenStorm and a long list of poems and songs have been written or translated.
WoordenStorm is also where I do my professional writing, dtp, photography and webdesign.

Writing is daily work for me. Actually not really work in a traditional economically motivated manner but work as in effort. Writing really is like breathing for me. Not being able to write is literally breathtaking and probably life threatening for me. So I write. My next blog and my next poem, song and always my next novel (currently: ‘Lachrymae‘).

To find out more about my work, please wonder around on this website and read a few bits and pieces. But the best thing is to buy one of my books, wether that’s the novel (now an eBook) ‘Één latte, een cappu en een espresso‘ (sorry, only in Dutch) or my English language debuting novel ‘Headwind, Laxmi’s Story‘ is up to you. Buying my books supports the work of the Empowerment Foundation. If you’re interested in my documentary photography you might like the photobook ‘UNFORGOTTEN‘ about life in the Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal.

But next to writing I also teach creative writing skills. Starting January 2013 you can follow my Wintercourse Creative Writing in The Hague on Tueasday mornings. You’ll love it and you’ll be surprised what you can achieve with a littel help from a friend.

Alice Anna